Writing Contest Winners 2016-2017

Honorable Mention, Grades 3-5

Rocio Gonzalez Castillo
Grade 5, Hill Elementary School, Revere
Bridget Monagle, Teacher

Weather Watch

(catchy weather reporting music.) "I am Weather Reporter Rocio and on our weather watch today we've got... OWW... that is sure going to hurt the MWRA workers! We have a really snowy blizzard and after that we will have A LOT of rain coming to New England. We have a cold front coming soon. We will start off with temperatures in the mid teens for a couple of days. Then, for the next 2 weeks we will have temperatures below 10 and we might even reach below 1!!! This will be about 5 feet of snow. After all of that snow we will have very heavy rain. This rain will be about 6 inches. It will be lasting for about 3 days. After this break supported by Nissan we will be talking about how this terrible weather will affect the MWRA workers." (...even more catchy weather reporting music)

(...even, even more catchy weather reporting music.) "And we are back from our break and if you are new here then I am Weather Reporter Rocio and here are some ways that our blizzard will affect the MWRA workers. First, the EXTREME coldness can make the workers get sick and cold. This can cause them to miss work, be uncomfortable, and even possibly get frostbite. This can also cause people not to get their water because of the MWRA workers are not solving the problems that occur."

"Another cause that this bad weather will have on the MWRA workers is the pipes. These pipes can freeze from the extreme weather. This water will not get to their places. These pipes can burst, causing blocked out streets, and traffic. These things can make more trouble for the workers and can make them not get to the situation quickly because of all the traffic."

"Finally, since after the snow melts we have rain. This rain can cause the drainage system which is the sewers to overflow. This can cause streets to close, trash to go into the streets, and traffic to occur. People can be excused from their homes. This is EVEN MORE trouble for the MWRA workers. After this break supported by Bob's Furniture Discount Store we will have Dr. Dan come in and talk to us about psychic parrots that can read your mind." (...even, even, even more catchy weather music)

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