Writing Contest Winners 2016-2017

Honorable Mention Winner, Grades 3-5

Nadia Aldweib
Grade 5, A.T. Cummings School, Winthrop
Mrs. Toombs, Teacher

How Weather Affects the MWRA and Workers

The weather can have a great impact on the MWRA and its functions. Sometimes seasons, employee non-productivity, and storm drains can all be factors. They can cause failures or overrides in the systems. The weather can be very unpredictable in New England. There are many ways that weather can affect the MWRA and its workers.

First of all, when the seasons change, the weather changes. In the Fall, when the leaves fall off the trees, the wind might blow them away. Some leaves end up getting stuck in the storm drains. In the Winter, it will be very cold and some people will have to work outside in the cold. Also, if it snows, they would have to clean it up so they could work. When the snow melts, it will become polluted water. In the Spring, when it rains, there will be more water. In the Summer, there would be less water because it would evaporate. Employees have a similar impact on work.

Secondly, employees might not be as productive. If it gets very hot, employees will feel sweaty and uncomfortable. Some people will have to work outside when it is very hot. Also, when it rains, employees will feel wet and maybe a little drowsy. If it is very cold, employees will be very cold and even get frostbite. If employees aren’t as productive, they wouldn’t get much work done. Similar circumstances can be caused by problems with the storm drains.

Lastly, the storm drains can get blocked. Items such as leaves, cans, paper, bottles, and much more can get into storm drains. Some people litter and the wind can blow all of that litter into one of the storm drains. If a storm drain gets blocked it will make more work for the employees. They will have to remove the water from the drain. They will also have to clean the trash out. All three factors can cause damage to the MWRA’s delicate system. In conclusion, there are many ways that weather can affect the MWRA and its workers. When the seasons change, the weather changes. Employees may not be as productive. Storm strains can get blocked. How do you think life would be if these factors didn’t exist?

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