MWRA 2013-2014 Writing Contest Winners

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Kyara A. DeSouza
Grade 7, Whittier School, Everett
Mr. Lento, Teacher


It's a Toilet, Not a Wastebasket!

Toilets are actually important, connected to thousands of pipes, leading to water. Water is important to all living things. Poison in the water could cause mass tragedy over the whole country. Nobody wants that, so please, IT'S A TOILET! Certain things are just not meant to flush.

For example, anything that is cotton should not be flushed. Yes, that includes diapers. Believe it or not, a lot of people flush and forget, never thinking twice. This causes clogs and that's just gross! Cotton takes a long time to decompose. This may be a problem in the future. So please, use the trash. Some may be trying to get rid of the odor, but even so, it's wrong.

This next one is ridiculous ... FOOD. WHY? Seriously, why on earth would people actually flush FOOD down the TOILET? Toilets are a wonderful invention used for personal use, NOT to be used for left over oatmeal. I know some people who do this for no reason. Why not use the garbage disposal? The trash? Use things for how they were meant to be used or - here's a thought - finish your food!

There are many more things that people flush. Reports of beer cans and cigarettes, CDs and Swifter pads. WOW! Just ... WOW!

There are things you can flush - human waste and toilet paper. And, by waste, I DO NOT MEAN FOOD!

Also, isn't it nice that they have paper made for toilets - specifically? Even some cleaners could be damaging, so try baking soda like the old times. Sometimes, I swear, they were smarter than us.

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