MWRA 2013-2014 Writing Contest Winners

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Dilan Churchill
Grade 6, Marshall Simonds Middle School, Burlington
Susan Rogers, Teacher


What Am I?

I don't have hands to play with dolls, or balls, or kiddie things.

I don't have a mouth to talk on cell phones or floss my teeth.

I don't have babies, so don't give me diapers or wipes.

I have no pets, so don't clog me with litter.

Chemicals and solvents won't keep my pipes clean.

If you're not giving me fruit, I don't want the label.

I don't have a face, so I'll pass on the tissues and swabs.

I don't have nails to paint and clean off, so keep the cotton balls to yourself.

I'm full of water so I certainly don't smoke, so cigarette butts are useless.

Ooh, coffee grounds! Is the maker included? I didn't think so. I don't want them either.

Have you guessed it yet? I hope you did.

I'm a toilet, not a trash can!

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