MWRA 2013-2014 Writing Contest Winners

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Noah Browne
Grade 5, St. Mary of the Hills School, Milton
Mrs. Alexia Etienne, Teacher


It's Just a Toilet! - Not a Wastebasket

Hey kids! Are you flushing small toys, candy wrappers, bottle caps and other things that are not supposed to go in the toilet? Just to let you know if you didn't know already, the toilet was designed to let you have a place to "do your business." The toilet is not a trash can or recycling bin! Small toys, candy wrappers and bottle caps will not only clog the pipes, but can also damage the toilet and the sewer pipes or septic tanks. Lots of people have problems with clogged pipes. If you don't believe me, just look to see how many plumbers fix clogged pipes!

But if your pipes are clogged from trash, you can find sewage in your house or backyard from a septic tank. If that happens, you can can get sick from the odor of the sewage gas. Or, the trash can end up in rivers and it can kill fish and other other animals that live in or near the water. And, you don't want that to happen! Here is some information to help you recycle, reduce, and reuse your trash so that you don't throw it in your toilet.

The first thing you should do is recycle. If you put a plastic cap or a bottle in there, something might happen to your toilet. That's why I suggest you recycle any plastic, bottles, glass, and tabs from aluminum cans into the recycling bin. A lot of this can lead to a good toilet, a clean home and keeping the earth a little "greener."

Another thing you should do is reduce the use of the toilet. You can reduce trash, like a candy wrapper, by throwing it away in the trash can instead of throwing it in toilet. Throwing away garbage in the right place is important because it keeps your pipes safe and clean. And if you're not flushing the toilet all of time, you are also saving water.

The last thing you should do, if you can, is reduce the thing you might have flushed. If you have a small toy that you don't want anymore, you can donate it to a charity. This will save your toilet and pipes, but most importantly, it will make someone else happy.

These, my friends, are some of the reasons why you should not flush trash down the toilet. You can keep your toilet and pipes in good shape and help the environment by recycling, reducing and reusing!


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