MWRA 2013-2014 Writing Contest Winners

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Nicholas Murray
Grade 5, Linden School, Malden

Miss Patrie, Teacher


H20 Man Flies Again

After a long day of checking on people's water usage, H20 Man decided to stop at the store to pick up a few things. He was walking down an aisle when he noticed something odd. There were products on the shelf that said "f1ushable" on them. "Flushable, Hmmm?... He had always thought that only human waste and toilet paper were supposed to be flushed down toilets. He realized his day was about to get longer.

H20 Man left the store and flew over to the MWRA Treatment Plant. He knew that they were the ones who cleaned all the pollutants out of the water, so they must've heard of these products. He questioned the workers about the wipes and they explained to him that sewer systems were filled with things like this and they were called nondispersibles. The products don't break down like human waste and regular toilet paper do and are clogging up pipes, sewer systems and septic tanks everywhere. They told him that the wipes that say flushable only meant that they would flush down the toilet, not that they would make it through the whole plumbing system.

What? How could this be?? Were people really flushing all sorts of crazy things? He was furious!

H20 Man shot into the sky like a rocket. He flew around the country as fast as he could and peeked at what everyone was flushing. He saw that millions of people were abusing their toilet privileges! They were flushing everything! They flushed paper towels, gum, floss, medicines, hair, and diapers! This was insane!! He realized once again that the people were ignorant to the problems they were causing. He knew things needed to change and in a hurry! He was going to D.C.!

When he got to D.C. he immediately met with lawmakers. He told them the laws needed to be changed. They needed to be stricter. They needed to have the manufacturers test all their products before they could call them flushable. They needed to make sure that labels were made very clear. He talked to everyone in the government and told them to get the word out, make commercials and send out flyers to let people know how important this was, put labels on toilets so people could be reminded! Let them know they are wasting money, causing problems throughout the sewer systems and at the wastewater treatment facilities. Most of all they are wasting water and hurting the environment. Tell the schools to educate the Children!! H20 Man's heart was pounding and his brain was spinning!!

He jumped up covered in sweat. "Oh, wow!! thought Nicholas. "It's just another dream, phew!!" He went into the bathroom and there sitting on the back of the toilet was a box of flushable wipes ...

"Mom!!" he screamed. "Are you serious?!?"

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