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Kimberly Downs
Grade 9, Wilmington High School, Wilmington
Carol Mutchler, Teacher


Children Promote Reduction in Water Usage

Over the years, the quality of the MWRA water system has improved dramatically.

People have come to realize that conserving water is an important factor in saving the planet. Although most adults have changed their habits to conserve water, the children of the world have had the greatest impact on water conservation in the recent years. The children of the world are exposed every day to celebrities they look up to as role models telling them ways to save water and energy.

Children are influenced easily by the people they look up to. When a television star tells kids that they should conserve water to save the planet kids listen. Children learn to save water by not leaving the sink running, taking shorter showers, and shutting the water when they brush their teeth. Children understand the importance of going green, conserving resources and changing everyday habits for the benefit of the planet. The children are more easily influenced than their parents who are stuck in their ways, but the children are in a better position than anyone else to influence their parents. Many celebrities believe that their influence can change the world. They know that the children listen. Sheryl Crowe, a three-time Grammy winning country superstar, has shown her support of water conservation by attending The Nature Conservancy. This organization is involved in supporting lakes and rivers across the United States. Crowe has stated how important it is for her to save water to ensure a better future for her son.

Mark Ruffalo, who has worked in movies such as Shutter Island, supports the organization Frack Action to prevent drilling into the ground to release natural gases. The organization struggled to gain media attention before Ruffalo became a participant. Ruffalo has dedicated his time to this organization by attending meetings and speaking at schools to help people become aware of these happenings. Also, Pamela Anderson, formally a star of the old TV show Bay Watch, is a strong supporter of water reduction. She has been sighted in Brazil, attending a conference to help find different ways to reduce water usage.

In conclusion, water is a valuable resource that should not be wasted. Everyone needs to come together and work to preserve water. Kids are a wonderful target audience to reach out to. Children are the future and the ability to shape their water habits will continue to have the
greatest influence on reductions in water usage. Children listen to celebrities and their minds can be easily molded by celebrities. The combined voices of children can be used carry and amplify messages supporting reductions in water usage.

Celebrities such as Sheryl Crowe, Mark Ruffalo, and Pamela Anderson are putting their best foot forward to set an example to not only conserve water for today, but to ensure the planet has a clean water supply for the next generation. Although celebrities are setting a superb example for people everywhere, a child's most influential role models are their parents and the adults they are surrounded by every day. A teacher or parent can help set a good example for children by teaching them how to conserve water to save the planet.

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