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Sophia Gomes
Grade 9, St. Mary's High School, Lynn
Brenda Goodrum, Teacher


The Rain Barrell

summer shower
pours down on our house.
Making a Tap, Tap, Tap that soothes
the silence. Outside stands the noble barrel
collecting for our gardens and pets. Here is where
the magic begins. Down the gutters and out through the
down spout the dirty water runs. Then like a hero the screen top vanquishes the large impurities. The rain subsides, the flowers reach
up to the sky praying for another drink. The barrel stands tall and with
a bucket my flowers are nourished. My chickens cry out for new, clean water. Out comes the pail and WOOSH through the rain barrel water is collected. Clean enough to drink, my chickens dance around happy and hydrated once more. Very popular these are in Europe my family uses these to water their backyard. Auntie Senzi with her zinnias and rose bushes scattered all over the yard and in every window box plants are watered by the three barrels. Or myAvu in Portugal who had no
running water used a rain barrel for bathing,cooking, and crops
watering. So much money and water our world wide, generation
passing, water barrel saves. What is the biggest impact on
reducing water? To me it is the rain barrel.

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