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Audrey Gabriel
Grade 5, Captain Samuel Brown School, Peabody
Diane Bugler, Teacher


One little action starts a chain reaction and it never stops, that is how it is for us. Water is such a precious object, it gives life and nourishment. Though it is a renewable resource, it is not one that should be wasted. So much water is on earth, but so little is usable, and of that a small portion of usable water, so little of it is accessible. That is why it is important for you to do something about it.

If one person were to do one thing each day, such as turning off faucets, every day you'd be helping the earth. It's easy to look away but it's getting harder day by day, you can help if you try. Each day, you use water. True? When you use that water, you should set a goal or limit like: "I will only use the shower for ten minutes," or, "I promise to not leave the water running while I am tooth brushing." Such simple things can have a huge impact on the reduction of water use.

Now let's say you set a goal to reduce your water usage, now that you have your goal you start spreading word. You get your family, friends, and your community doing one thing each day and every day. Now a whole group of people are helping and together you are reducing the water usage of your community… All this started with just one person's effort to reduce water usage. One person. When you get involved, your community will too, and once you start you won't want to stop. I sure didn't! Now, every day, I've been watching how I use sinks and showers. I never let the water run, and I only take ten-minute showers. I have also gotten my family and friends involved.

Many people can be involved in reducing their water usage but it all starts with you. Small things can influence people to make a change, a big change, one little action starts a chain reaction. So start reducing your water usage. Not only will it benefit you and the environment, it will benefit your wallet. And who doesn't want to earn some green while going green?

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