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Annie Broderick
Grade 4, St. John School, North End, Boston
Beth Picknally, Teacher


So You Want To Be A Water Saver?

So you want to be a water saver?  If you want to be a water saver, here are some tips for you.

Are you running a marathon in the shower? You’re taking forever! It only takes five minutes! And I don’t think Goldie the goldfish wants to be flushed down the toilet (dead or alive.) For the billionth time, the toilet is NOT a trash can! When washing your hands you don’t need to take twenty minutes! You’re not performing surgery!

Other ways to save water include filling the bathtub halfway and always make sure you tighten the faucets so they don’t drip.  Turn off the faucet while you’re brushing your teeth! Do you think money grows on trees?

And, speaking of trees, you don’t need to use your sprinklers. A hose or watering can will do the trick.

Again, be a water saver not a water waster.  You’ll save gallons of water with each flush and brush.

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