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Ben Perkins
Grade 12, Hingham High School, Hingham
Ms. McNamee, Teacher


I am currently a senior in high school, and over the last 4 years, I have had a unique experience on Boston Harbor. I am co-captain of the rowing team at Hingham High School, and everyday after school in the fall and spring we practice on Hingham Harbor. Practicing on the Harbor is unique as far as rowing teams go, because most other teams practice on rivers or ponds with calmer water. The rougher water actually makes us better, due to the fact that we are used to rowing in more difficult conditions.

During an average practice, we row all through Hingham Harbor, up the Weir River, even out to Hull Gut. We occasionally visit other areas of Boston Harbor as well. Because all of these areas are part of the greater Boston Harbor, the cleanliness of one area can directly affect the quality of the others. Around the docks in Hingham I have seen pieces of trash, and it's frustrating to think that some people think of the Harbor as a trashcan. Not only is it our practice space, but after spending a lot of time there over the last four years, I have come to appreciate it more.

Last spring season, while we were rowing, we saw some boaters out on a sunny day. We were out by Bumpkin Island, and as they sped by, we saw one of the men on the boat throw two plastic bottles over the side of the boat. After seeing him throw the trash, we stopped what we were doing and rowed over to pick up the bottles. We were disappointed and even somewhat insulted that someone would disregard the well being of the Harbor. We have a sense of pride when it comes to our practice area, and hate when other people disrespect it.

It seems that Boston Harbor is very clean, which allows Hingham Harbor to stay clean as well. Thanks to public awareness and facilities like Deer Island, the Harbor can be kept pollution-free. We take pride in Hingham Harbor, not only as our practice space, but also as a clean, enjoyable area. For me, a clean Boston Harbor means the continuation of fun activities such as swimming, boating, or even rowing.

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