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Brandon Preble
Grade 4, Arthur T. Cummings School, Winthrop

Mrs. Grayson, Teacher


Dreams Can Come True

Splash! That's the sound of me plunging into the water. You know what? I am very lucky to have a clean harbor. If the harbor water wasn't this clean, I wouldn't be able to swim in it. Let me tell you what a clean harbor means to me.

If the harbor was polluted, the marine life wouldn't come here, like all the beautiful fish and sea creatures that you see in the water nowadays. Thirty years ago, the harbor was full of sludge and scum and you couldn't see the fish you see today.  Like a year ago, I saw a sand shark swimming in the harbor. Its fin was so cool it looked like a triangle sticking up out of the water. It was about 2 feet long and got only five feet away from the shore. People literally touched it.

Another time, I went to the harbor and saw a horseshoe crab moving along the sandy bottom and then it disappeared into the sand. On the same day, my Dad found a huge crab. Its body was about 5 inches across and its legs were about 7 inches long. We just looked at it and then we let it go under a big rock. Every time we go to the beach, my brother and I dig for clams and quahogs. When we do it we have a contest to see who can get the most in 10 minutes. My parents are crazy about seafood and if the harbor was polluted the seafood shops couldn't get their fish there and would have to close and my parents wouldn't be able to buy seafood.

When the water is dirty, they have to close the beaches. On the beach I love to make sandcastles and rock walls. Once I won a sandcastle contest and I got 3rd place for the sandcastle I made. When the tide is coming in, my brother and I make a rock wall but it usually only lasts about 10 minutes before the tide takes it away. To make the rock walls we usually start out with big rocks then put wet sand inbetween the rocks and to top it off we put a bunch of little rocks on top. If we find a rock that looks cool by the color or shape we bring it home and put it in our rock garden.

Some days I like to stroll around Deer Island because I love to see the beautiful sail boats shimmering in the sunset. Once the sun sets, I look at the shining water in the moonlight. Other days I like to jog or bike around Deer Island because I need my exercise and I get a lot stronger from biking or jogging.  Whenever I look up into the sky, I see an airplane that's only about 50 feet above me because Logan Airport is so close to Deer Island. When I look over the rail, I see a bunch of islands in the harbor and I always hope that I can go to those islands someday.

One of my favorite things to do at the beach is to go swimming with my friends. Once we jump in the water, my friends and I start to race to see who can swim the fastest. Usually I come in second when we race. When we get out of the water, my friends and I are very tired and cold,
but we had lots of fun. At the shore, my Mom is waiting for us with snacks and big towels.

The harbor has so many things to offer to me like swimming, sea creatures, sand castles and beautiful water. One day, I went to the beach sat on a big rock, stared at the ocean and breathed in the fresh air and thought "it's so awesome to have a clean harbor".

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