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Robert Awkward
Grade 12, Natick High School, Natick


A Rewarding Career Path

Although successful; big corporate jobs, high paying celebrity positions, and powerful government professions aren't the only way to enjoy life through a career. It is true in life that the majority of people want to fulfill some sort of higher calling for themselves with a sort of ideal career that would bring them success and happiness for the rest of their lives. The United States Army offers a career path that will bring out the best in you, while also creating an enjoyable experience.

Good health and well-being is a priority for all of the armed forces. Aside from medics and army surgeons, there is one job that is crucial in the success of this task and that is the job of the Water Treatment Specialist. Their job is to supervise or install and operate water purification equipment. This is an important job because it creates fresh resources for troops at all times and in all situations. Water Treatment Specialists are members of the environmental health and safety team who work to identify any negative entities that may be contaminating resources in any way. In any foreign territory, a number of entities may come as a direct threat to the resources of American troops. From microorganisms, to inorganic chemicals, to even radionuclides; any of the latter can affect resources in a negative way. Consequently, the duties of a Water Treatment Specialist are vital.

Patriotic men and women of science would truly thrive here. A sturdy science history is an essential aspect of a Water Treatment Specialist's job. In order to be efficient in measurements, tests, samples, and purifications; the specialist must have a solid/reliable history around the area. Although, anyone who is adamant enough about science has the distinct possibility of achieving this position after certain training has been completed.

As a Water Treatment Specialist there are many benefits that make this position a good and exciting job. For anyone who is afraid of the idea of direct warfare, but still wants to serve his or her country; specializing here would be a great career move. Supplying water and clean resources to active troops is a very important job that directly serves this country.

Not only is it a good way to avoid warfare while still being an active member of the United States Armed Forces but also, serving instills a sense of pride within that really can't come from anywhere else. It can be a very rewarding experience to help people in this way.

There are not many jobs that will keep you as physically and mentally sharp as being a Water Treatment Specialist. Quickly delivering resources to troops, on command, with little prior notice can keep a person keen and sharp for years to come; even after retiring.
By the time a person is post-retirement and living in a, fashion where they can reflect with family and friends on life; a career like this would lend very interesting and enthralling talks. Being a Water Treatment Specialist is rewarding, enjoyable, fulfilling, and allows for a very good use of a wide base of knowledge. Water Treatment Specialists are an integral part of the Armed Forces community, without whom our troops would not be nearly as successful in any efforts across the globe.

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