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Makayla Coleman
Grade 6, St. Mary of the Hills School, Milton


Subject: Clean Water

To: Citizens of Boston
From: Boston Water and Sewer
Subject: Clean Water

The job that I picked to do is what my Dad does, and he works for Boston Water and Sewer Commission in the Engineering Department - Sewer Works.

Sighing as I got out of my car, I looked up at the BWSC building. My first day of work! I thought to myself. I clutched my bag, and I admit it I was nervous! Looking over at my friend Lisa, who would be starting in the Water Works, I felt childish for acting so nervous. I mean it's just a job right? Wrong, because if I mess up ... the whole city would be in danger!

After listening to the director, I met the crew I was going to be working with. As they all introduced themselves I smiled at them, hoping to make a good impression. A guy Shawn who was working at BWSC for 20 years was going to show the four of us 'the ropes'. We put on our suits and headed out to the truck. After arriving somewhere in Jamaica Plain, we got out and uncovered a manhole.

"What we're going to do first is check out the carbon monoxide and other gas levels!" Shawn announced. After we all had a chance to lower and check the meter, Shawn assured us it was safe to go in. After a guy, Eric I believe, was lowered it was my turn. As I descended into the darkness, a foul smell hit me.

"EW! What is that awful smell?" a girl Karen squealed as she came down.

"That, my rookie, is the smell of our pay checks!" Shawn announced as he followed down the ladder.

Ew I thought. We switched on our head lights and looked around, I never thought I'd say this because it sounds like an oxymoron but it was a clean sewer!

"You see, if this was filled with grease or fat or other oils, we'd have to muck it out." Shawn laughed.

"But because it's clean I'll let you guys head back to the office." He smiled as we ascended up the ladder towards the truck.

I looked at all the books that were piled on my desk. Better start reading! I thought and I slipped on my dorky glasses. I opened the first book and began reading. 'If the sewer were to overflow, there is a chance that it could leak into our water,' I stared at the book in awe; I'm really saving people from Polio, Typhus and Hepatitis?

I finished the first book and shoved the rest into my bag and fished out my car keys. I said goodbye to everyone and headed for my car. It was a GREAT first day!

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