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Sam Hirschhorn
Grade 6, Oak Hill Middle School, Newton


Jason's Career Day

It was a very important day at Jason's school. It was Career Day! On Career Day, the students in Room 205 bring a parent who has an interesting or exciting job to school.

Jason was listening to the excited chatter when he saw about ten kids clustered around Bruce Hunter, the class show-off.

Not really wanting to listen to Bruce's boastings, but at the same time having nothing else to do, Jason joined the cluster. This time, Bruce was bragging about his dad's job at Hunter's Candies.

"And since he owns the store, I get all the free candy I want!" Bruce exclaimed.

Jason rolled his eyes but Bruce hadn't noticed him yet.

"He also said that when I get older, I could inherit the store!" Bruce continued.

The other kids listened with amazement while Jason listened with disgust.

"Hey Bruce, can you get me some candy?" one kid asked.

"Me too!" another cried out.

"I'll bet he's never heard of a hydrologist." Jason almost whispered to himself.

"What was that?" Bruce asked.

"I'll bet you've never heard of a hydrologist." Jason repeated, louder this time.

All chatter stopped and everyone in the cluster turned, confused, to look at Jason.

"What's a hydrologist?" A voice asked.

"It's someone who studies water and finds where water can be located and where it travels. They also mark geologic maps on where that water was found. It's my dad's job." Jason said.

"Why would you need to study water? It's already clean! And water is located right in your fridge!" Bruce demanded.

"Why, Bruce! Do you think that 'endless' supply of water located in your fridge was always clean? Do you even think that water just pops out of nowhere into your fridge?" Jason inquired.

"Well ... uh ... to tell you the truth ... " Bruce stammered.

"That's right." Jason continued. "Water doesn't just pop out of nowhere. My dad and his colleagues spend hours trying to locate water that goes into your fridge. And you know what? That water isn't 100% clean all of the time. They have to find ways to clean it and send it to the people who do clean it. And finally, they mark geologic maps on where the water was found, and that's all thanks to the hydrologists." Jason finished.

"Wow!" a boy named Martin commented. "That's amazing!"

"Totally!" Martin's best friend Kyle added.

"Come on guys." Bruce said. "Let's go." Bruce walked away but only a couple kids followed him this time.

"Come on!" Bruce commanded, walking back. Four more kids followed but still a few remained.

"Aww please guys!" Bruce practically begged. "Who needs a hydrologist anyways when you've got candy?"

"Candy!" shouted the six kids at Bruce's side.

"Well, you'd be sick, for starters. Jason stated. "That's because no one would have tested the water you've been drinking to see if it was clean or dirty. That is, if you could find any water. And even if you did find clean, healthy water, how would you know where to find more of it?" Jason explained.

"You know, hydrology doesn't sound too bad anymore. Maybe candy isn't more important after all." Bruce admitted.

Jason smiled and told Bruce, "You can call me anytime and I'll have my dad answer any questions you have about hydrology." Bruce smiled back and was about to say something when the end of the day bell rang.

"See you tomorrow, Bruce!"

"See you, Jason!"

Twenty-five years later, in Room 205, it was Career Day again.

"Caleb, your turn."

"This is my dad, Bruce Hunter. He works as a hydrologist at the MWRA."

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