MWRA 2006-2007 Writing Contest Winners

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Honorable Mention Winner, Grades 9-12
Olivia von den Benken, Grade 12, Boston Latin School

Reaching Out to Potential Buyers

Many golf courses and landscapers throughout New England currently purchase Bay State Fertilizer for wholesale. To increase profits, your company should reach out to a wider range of potential buyers and inform them of your fertilizer. To do this, I believe that it would be best for your company to have a banquet, inviting all local landscapers and golf course representatives. This would be a social event sponsored by your company, which would allow you the opportunity to present the benefits of your product. This banquet would educate potential buyers by delivering a presentation and allowing them to meet with current users and hopefully increasing the number of customers that you already have.

All local landscapers can be found easily on the web. Some of them include: Deavila Tree & Landscape, Mercurio Brothers Landscaping, Inc., Grasshopper Irrigation, and Forge Landscapes, Inc. Along with well known landscapers, it would also be best to invite small companies to get them involved and well-informed about how environmentally friendly your fertilizer is.

Once a list of possible guests has been decided, the place, date and time should be determined. When all the details have been arranged, invitations should be sent. Along with the invitation, each company should also be sent a pamphlet, giving some information about the fertilizer and also naming companies that will be attending the banquet.

During the banquet, your company should have a lot of representatives walking around greeting and meeting with the different companies. Once everyone has arrived, there should be a main speaker who will inform all the guests about the quality and effectiveness of Bay State Fertilizer. It is important to get the interest of the audience immediately. To do so, it is important that the presenter speak about how the fertilizer is composed of 100% recycled products, and the process. I think that telling the companies that the fertilizer is made from solids from the water of 43 of Massachusetts communities, will give the companies a sense of closeness to the fertilizer. Knowing that something is made near their town will influence them to buy the product.

Your company should also give a side-by-side comparison of the effectiveness of Bay State Fertilizer to other commonly used fertilizers. This visual aid will help the companies to see how effective this fertilizer is. You may want to consider having several demonstrations set up throughout the banquet to ensure that as many guests as possible see the exhibit.

After your company has done your best to inform the other companies about your product, you should give the companies each a small gift. The gift should include a sample of the fertilizer, a price list that includes price deals for different quantities of the fertilizer, and a list of fun facts about the product. Giving the companies this, will remind them of everything you told them that day, and will also encourage them to buy your fertilizer because of all of the supportive facts you have given them.

Bay State Fertilizer is a wonderful product that everyone in Massachusetts should use and be familiar with. However, not many people know about this product. I think that having this banquet would not only inform companies of your product, but it would urge them to purchase it. If more landscapers and golf courses knew the facts about the fertilizer, I am sure that they would want to make it part of their routines. I believe this would also help increase their profits allowing them to advertise that they fertilize with 100% recycled fertilizer. More people are becoming environmentally conscious and would have the tendency to go with a company that was also this way. The main way to get people to want this product is to just inform them.

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