MWRA 2006-2007 Writing Contest Winners

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Honorable Mention Winner, Grades 9-12
Jon Luongo, Gr. 12, St. Mary’s Jr./Sr. High School, Lynn

Bay State Fertilizer: Cheap to Buy, Easy to Apply, Even Easier to Supply


Flowers aren't growing? Grass isn't as green as you'd like? Do you want a simple, easy and cheap way to eliminate those problems? Well here are three words that can single handedly change your gardening life…Bay State Fertilizer.

Bay State Fertilizer is a 100% recycled product. The Fertilizer is recovered waste from 43 communities in Massachusetts. All of the MWRA's "sludge to fertilizer "is operated by the New England Fertilizer Company. The nitrogen in Bay State Fertilizer is in a natural organic form, this means that it is at first unavailable for the use of plants and will not dissolve into water. Microorganisms in the soil steadily mineralize the organic nitrogen, transforming it to water-soluble inert nitrogen which can be taken up by plants.

The slow release of nutrients benefits not only your plants, but the environment that we all live in too. With the use of some fertilizers, the leaching of excess water-soluble nitrogen to groundwater is an environmental issue that is worrying us all. With Bay State Fertilizer, plants have a greater opportunity to take up the nitrogen, so less is lost through leakage. The University of Massachusetts at Amherst did an experiment that indicated that even when Bay State Fertilizer is applied at a rate six times higher than that recommended, it has no threat to groundwater quality.


Unlike the other brands out there that burn out your lawn and cost you a bundle, Bay State is an affordable way to help keep your lawn looking fresh and healthy as ever. Finally there will be no more running to the supermarket buying 5 bags of fertilizer a month because it runs out so quickly, Bay State lasts and lasts and lasts.


Famous golfer Tiger Woods, is on the green almost everyday, he knows the importance of healthy green grass. In order to play well and to his fullest potential, Tiger needs a healthy terrain to play on. Bay State Fertilizer supplies fertilizer to a number of golf courses all across Massachusetts. Because of its unique design Bay State Fertilizer doesn't require constant watering like other fertilizers. It also has the unbelievable power to break down slowly so it will last longer.

Bay State Fertilizer has 3 locations in the New England area. Our Plymouth, Scituate, and Coventry, Rhode Island locations would be more than happy to help you in anyway possible.

"Cheap to buy, easy to apply, even easier to supply..."

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