MWRA 2006-2007 Writing Contest Winners

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3rd Place Winner, Grades 9-12
Ellie Maize, Grade 12, St. Mary’s Jr./Sr. High School, Lynn

And Now, a Word from Oprah

Do you like blooming flowers? Do you like grass that is greener than green? I know I do.

Hi, I'm Oprah, and for all my garden work I use Bay State Fertilizer. As years pass, our environment is diminishing rapidly and I don't know about you, but personally I want to help save it as best as I can. Bay State Fertilizer, is all natural 100% recycled material and environmentally friendly and safe. Now wait a second, stop and think. This sounds like top of the line fertilizer and extremely expensive. And it is top of the line, but that's where it ends. Expense is not a problem, Bay State Fertilizer is not only friendly to our environment, but it's friendly to our wallet as well. That's right, can you say AFFORDABLE TO ALL!


Bay State Fertilizer is 100% recycled material and full of nutrients such as potassium, calcium, and zinc. And that's just to name a few. It breaks down to make it last longer, and as we know, the longer we can make things last the better. Unlike other name brands, one bag lasts for months so you can stop buying fertilizer 4-6 times a year. Bay State Fertilizer won't burn your lawns and/or plants, and helps to reduce frequent watering. Can the other brands and companies say this, I think not. This fertilizer is used nationwide, from everything including the best golf courses, to people's everyday gardens. Doing all the work I do, I know that not only do I want the best, but I want my family and friends such as you to have it too, and you can.

bay state fertilizer


Bay State Fertilizer is available by order, or you can visit them at one of their 3 New England locations which are; Morrison's Agway, Plymouth MA, Kennedy's Country Gardens, Scituate MA, and Hattoy's Nursery, Coventry RI. Don't wait you can never get Bay State Fertilizer a moment too soon.

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