MWRA 2006-2007 Writing Contest Winners

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Honorable Mention Winner, Grades 6-8
Bridget Nolan, Grade 6, McCall Middle School, Winchester

Help the Environment by Using this Fertilizer

Dear Community Leaders,

I am writing this letter to tell you about a fertilizer called Bay state Fertilizer. It is very useful and available, so I hope after you read this letter, you will run out and buy some (just kidding). But I do hope that this will change your mind about the way you think about the fertilizer, if you already have an opinion. (If you don't already have an opinion, then this will tell you more about the product).

Bay state Fertilizer is basically made of sewage sludge. You're probably thinking, Gross, why would I ever buy that. But the truth is, it's very clean and safe to use. When it is made in the wastewater treatment facilities, the smell is minimized, and the bacteria are killed. Then it is shaped into pellets, so you can use it as fertilizer. It is a totally recycled product, which has many of the nutrients your plants need so they can grow.

What does it cost, is probably your next question. It costs about 4.10 to 4.70 for a 40-pound bag. That price is about 6 dollars less than a regular brand of fertilizer, which takes 10 dollars up out of your precious money! Bay state Fertilizer can be bought at many garden and hardware stored around the state, making it very available.

Now, how are you helping the environment when you use this fertilizer? First of all, a few years ago, when we flushed our toilets, alt of the waste was emptied into Boston harbor. That act killed a lot of sea life, and eventually, people decided that we needed to fix the problem. So some of that waste helped to make Bay State Fertilizer. And when you use the fertilizer, it helps to keep Boston harbor clean. Second, it helps the plants to grow better, and will make the fields and gardens prettier if you use it on them.

Overall, there really is no reason you shouldn't use Bay state Fertilizer. I hope this letter has changed your mind about the way you think about this product. I also hope you will make the right choice for the environment by using Bay state Fertilizer.

Bridget Nolan

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