MWRA 2006-2007 Writing Contest Winners

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Honorable Mention Winner, Grades 6-8
Jennifer Morris, Grade 6, Oak Hill Middle School, Newton

Extreme Marketing Ideas

I think more people should use Bay State Fertilizer in their homes and communities. To persuade people to use it I would write a letter describing its important uses and what is does for the environment. When I was done with it I would put the letter in locations where people who care about Boston Harbor would see it. An idea for one of these places is in the Boston Aquarium next to the exhibit on Boston Harbor. Two others are on whale watches and on ferry boats to the Boston Harbor islands.

Another method 1 might use to distribute the news about Bay State Fertilizer is e-mail. I would ask my parents to send an e-mail to all of their friends explaining about its helpful uses. Or maybe I would call people on the telephone and text message them with my cell phone. But there are more extreme ways of telling people about Bay State Fertilizer.

I could rent a blimp and hang a banner from it that explains what Bay State Fertilizer does for the community. Or I could make up a silly song about it and sing it in my brother's nursery school class. I could hang glide across the white house lawn and tell reporters about what the U.S. could do with Bay State Fertilizer. There are many ways of spreading the news and I might use any or all of them to tell about Bay State Fertilizer.

A good thing about Bay State fertilizer that is not true about some other fertilizers is that it helps the earth in more ways than one. Along with helping your garden, it cleans Boston Harbor's water. The MWRA, located in Quincy, takes sludge from the Waste Water Treatment in Boston Harbor and puts the sludge into very high temperature dryers.

When it is done drying, it is turned into fertilizer pellets. These pellets contain many nutrients that can be used on thIngs lIke golf courses and lawns. the tertll1zer slowly strengthens your lawn over time. These things make Bay State different and better than normal fertilizers.
Another thing I would say in my letter is its other uses. Some of these are helping landscaping, nurturing your garden, and helping overall agriculture. These things are important because they help keep our world alive and pretty.

As you can see, my letter would include how Bay State Fertilizer is made, its uses, and why people should want to use it. I would help spread the word in many different ways. These would range from printing out a letter to hang gliding over the white house. I would make sure that people understand how they could take advantage of this resource. I am sure more people would buy this product and see its true value.

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