MWRA 2006-2007 Writing Contest Winners

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Honorable Mention Winner, Grades 6-8
Antonio Jimenez, Grade 8, St. Mary’s Jr./Sr. High School, Lynn

Spread the Word About Bay State Fertilizer

One of the most efficient ways to get the word out to community leaders that Bay State Fertilizer is available and that they should take advantage of this valuable resource would be for businesses to promote it. I would plan a meeting and invite local business owners.

We would discuss different ways to promote the fertilizer in our communities and create a slogan. They could each display a sign in their store, shop, retail center or place of service. Places that sell garden supplies could also have posters and discount coupons for the fertilizer. Each business could also post a link on their web site so people would be directed to the official web site for Bay State Fertilizer. The businesses could sponsor a fundraiser, such as a garden contests or baseball games on a field that uses the fertilizer, in order to let people know about the fertilizer.

Another way to spread the word would be to use billboards around the community with interesting pictures and a slogan on it to get attention. The message on the billboards could be used to create a commercial and it could be broadcast before or after a highly watched television show. The money from the fundraiser and from the city would pay for the commercial In addition, free samples can be given away at places in the community where people go to purchase garden supplies. This could be small stores and also large warehouses where farmers go to buy their supplies.

Several community gardens could be planted with the Bay State Fertilizer so that everyone can enjoy the gardens and see how good the fertilizer works. There can be flyers left or signs posted near the gardens to give information on the web site to go to for more information and where to purchase the fertilizer.

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