MWRA 2006-2007 Writing Contest Winners

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3rd Place Winner, Grades 6-8
Mackenzie Koss, Grade 6, McCall Middle School, Winchester

Go Bay State, or Go Nothing.

Dear Massachusetts Resident,

There has just been an amazing discovery in the world of gardening. You can grow any plants better while recycling, using less money, and using NO chemicals. Can this be true? Is it real? Is it magic? Of course it's not magic; it's simply Bay State Fertilizer! It works as well, or better, than any other brands and will make flowers, fields, golf courses, etc., thrive and flourish through the seasons. This fertilizer is a miracle worker for any gardener.

Did you know Bay State fertilizer is 100% recycled? It is actually recovered from the wastewater of forty-three Massachusetts communities. I know this might sound a little gross, but think of how much plants love it! And don't worry, the waste goes through a sludge-to-fertilizer factory, before it even touches your plants.

"Bay State Fertilizer is better than ever," MWRA's Executive Director Douglas B. MacDonald announced.

"That's because the new secondary treatment facilities now operating at Deer Island enrich the solids waste stream sent to the fertilizer facility. Better fertilizer is actually a side benefit from better wastewater treatment to protect Boston Harbor."

You could even say this fertilizer has saved it. In 1991, the MWRA stopped the sludge discharge that was being released into the Boston Harbor and made it into something useful, Bay State fertilizer. This fertilizer is recycled and saved an important harbor; what else can it do?

Let's talk money. You know that you love the jingle of money in your pocket; and after all, who doesn't?! Bay State fertilizer wants to keep it there. At only $4.10 to $4.70 a bag, it is around two to five dollars less than any regular fertilizers. These fertilizers are $6.99 to $8.99 a bag. If you only need a bag of fertilizer for a small garden perhaps, you will save a few bucks. But if you are trying to fertilize a golf course, we're talking THOUSANDS of dollars!!! From an extra dollar or two, to a couple of thousand dollars, Bay State Fertilizer saves you money you could never get from any ordinary fertilizer.

Chemicals. Whenever you hear this word you think of the bad things they do to you; and you're right. These horrible chemicals are infested in most fertilizers except for one; Bay State. What is in Bay State fertilizer is 60% organic matter that contains nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, calcium, sulfur and iron. Since there is 30% nitrogen in the fertilizer is in an organic form, it feeds plants slowly over time and minimizes the risk of nitrate pollution. Also, Bay State is put through high temperature dryers that kill bacteria other fertilizers contain. Bay State Fertilizer is like compost, and adds organic matter to the soil, and helps it to improve its texture and moisture-holding capacity. It is also unlike compost because Bay State is a major source of nutrients and can be easily applied to lawns. These are a few examples of the wonderful things the miracle worker fertilizer is made of.

While you're recycling, saving money, and helping our Ear1h, your plants are growing, blooming, and thriving like never before. This fantastic fertilizer is not magic, but it may be a miracle. If you do not buy Bay State Fer1ilizer, you are hur1ing the world and yourself.

So make the choice; go Bay State, or go nothing.

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