MWRA 2006-2007 Writing Contest Winners

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2nd Place Winner, Grades 6-8
Kylie Baker, Grade 6, McGlynn Middle School, Medford

How to Spread the Word About Bay State Fertilizer All Over Your Community

The MWRA's Bay State Fertilizer is both a nutrient-rich compost and a resourceful alternative to dumping sewage into Boston Harbor, since the day the sludge-to-fertilizer plant arrived in 1991. Recycling sludge that would otherwise be discharged into Boston Harbor, Bay State Fertilizer is an ingenious solution to pollution in Massachusetts. Many parks, athletic fields and municipal landscaping surveyors are currently taking advantage of this great product, but still many communities remain unaware of this magnificent substance. A great product such as this should be taken advantage of, and there are many easy ways to spread the word about Bay State Fertilizer so that everyone can use it.

One way to make community leaders know about this fertilizer would be to submit an advertisement or letter explaining how the fertilizer helps prevent pollution into Boston Harbor and at the same time creates a healthy soil for many purposes, to a local newspaper, such as The Medford Transcript, where I live in Medford.

Another option that would be both fun and helpful would be to schedule a date where you and a group of friends could get together and make colorful poster boards advertising Bay State Fertilizer to hang around local greeneries and flower shows. This would be a great way to get together with friends, be creative and help spread the word all over your community about Bay State Fertilizer.

Numerous areas also have public access television stations available for anyone with a good cause. Constructing a commercial script for Bay State Fertilizer would be not only helpful for all of Massachusetts, but a fun experience with the media. Almost everyone watches television at some point, so programs such as these are sure to reach leaders in your community and inspire them to purchase Bay State Fertilizer. Sometimes there are even radio stations accessible to small communities. If you went with this approach, while people are driving home from work and turning on the radio to tune out of a long day of work, they would hear about Bay State Fertilizer and become motivated to buy it.

Or you could find out who your community leaders are (owners of public parks, soccer fields or landscaping) and write them a letter about Bay State Fertilizer. This would help make more people aware of this resource that is not only a great fertilizer, but beneficial to ending pollution in the area we live in. r d bet that Mayor McGlynn of Medford, would also be very interested in this product.

Of course, the easiest way to tell people about this fertilizer is to wear a bright smile and talk to your friends, teachers and parents about it. People will listen to you! Who wouldn't be interested in an inventive and rich soil like Bay State Fertilizer?

But you don't have to do it alone! There are plenty of other friends, neighbors, and adults in the neighborhood who would be willing to help you on your quest. As difficult as spreading the word all throughout your town may seem, it's a lot easier with more people involved, and a lot more fun too! Not only that, but it gives you a chance to spend time with your friends and family while benefiting your community. So don't think of it as a task; think of this as an opportunity waiting to be sized. Advertising Bat State Fertilizer is a great thing that you can do to help out everyone!

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