MWRA 2006-2007 Writing Contest Winners

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First Place Winner, Grades 6-8
Nolan M. O'Brien, Grade 7, Atlantic Middle School, Quincy

The Dirty Secret

Does your lawn lack luster and shine? Are your flowerbeds flowerless? Do you find yourself praying for rain so you don't have to water again? If you answered yes to the above questions then you are in need of a lawn makeover. Bay State Fertilizer is the answer you have been looking for lawn care solutions, less watering, and best of all no threat to groundwater quality!

Sludge! Yes, sludge is no longer a dirty word. Rather, today it is a revolutionary product that can bring a sparkle to your landscape. New England Fertilizer Company in collaboration with Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) is creating products that you need. Bay State Fertilizer is just one of those new products that utilize 100% recycled products made from solids recovered from the wastewater. The fertilizer is an environmentally safe answer for your lawns, parks, and public places in your neighborhood. Unsafe byproducts, like metals, are disposed of and! or treated in accordance with strict state and federal standards.

Unlike other imposter fertilizer brands, Bay State is completely environmentally safe and is designed to work over time. Other fertilizers may give you a burst of green color but by the next season your green grass has burned up. Bay State's effectiveness on the other hand is seen year after year. It's unique design breaks down slowly to last longer. Furthermore, it poses no threat to groundwater and reduces the need for frequent watering.

The positives are adding up, but the good news is your shopping bill wont. Prices per bag range from $6.99 to $8.99. Application is only required two times a year during growing season. Bay State takes the guess work and hard work out of landscaping providing you with careful instructions and representatives who are available to answer your application questions. The choice is clear. Conserve water, preserve your property, and save money. There are plenty of fertilizers on the market today but few can offer the benefits that Bay State Fertilizer gives you.

We are so sure you that you will be pleased with your choice that we are offering a full money back guarantee in all our fertilizers. To learn more about our product and other ways to keep our waterways clean log on to

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