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Honorable Mention Winner, Grades 3-5
Ani Gaden, Grade 4, Cunningham School, Milton

Sludge Dumping is So Bad for the Sea

One fish, two fish, red fish, black fish. Hey! Aren't you supposed to be "blue fish"? I guess you aren't blue fish because you were in the Boston Harbor before 1991. That was the year that MWRA stopped sludge dumping that polluted the Boston Harbor. It was a really hard time for the sea animals and plants. (I am one of those sea animals!)

Sludge dumping is so bad for the sea. It is really bad because it pollutes the water hurting the sea plants, and the sea animals that breathe through gills. These chemicals can also harm whales that come once a year to feed at Stellwagon Bank in the Boston Harbor. It harms whales because some chemicals can rise into the air and whales breathe through blow holes.

If sludge dumping didn't stop, then the water would be filled with thick garbage and it would smell really bad. Instead of the Harbor being a good place to live and produce young, it was a bad place because the water was not clear and made everyone unhealthy. The animal babies that were born, were born unhealthy because of the living conditions the family was under. The sea life was drinking polluted water and eating polluted food.

Having clean water in the Harbor is important because it affects the entire food chain which eventually comes to us who eat food from the sea. This is an example of the food chain; plankton and seaweed is eaten by the shrimp, the shrimp are eaten by the seals, seals are sometimes eaten by the toothed whales and the whales have historically been killed by humans.

MWRA makes the sludge into organic fertilizer, and then the fertilizer can be used for planting. MWRA helps to keep the water clean by putting up monitors to make sure that solids, toxic contaminants and pathogens are not in the water. MWRA is a system that helps millions of sea creatures (us) and plant life.

It is good that sludge dumping was put to an end, it really helped me and my sea buddies. Thank you so much MWRA!

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