MWRA 2006-2007 Writing Contest Winners

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3rd Place Winner, Grades 3-5
Lizzy McCurdy, Grade 4, Cunningham School, Milton

Boston Harbor: What happened after the MWRA stopped dumping sludge?

Up until 1991 people used the Boston Harbor as a huge toilet. I think it was used as a toilet because it was full of poop and mud. Sewage from over two million people in 43 communities was dumped in the harbor every day. The water in the harbor was brown and gross. Nobody including animals wanted to swim and work in the water.

Deer Island Treatment Plant in Winthrop is the place where all the dirty sewage goes to be cleaned and put into the ocean. I don't know exactly how they do the cleaning, but they must be good scientists and hard workers. Anyway when they stopped dumping the sludge; the harbor water started to get cleaner. It is like when someone stops smoking and their lungs clear up and get healthier.

Once the water started to get better, fish, birds and other harbor animals came back. They came back because the water was clean and they could swim in it without getting sick or dying. When the animals came back they started to make families and soon even baby animals were living around the harbor.

People started to notice the clean water too. They began to swim, boat ride, fish and do other things. They didn't have to worry about getting sick or needing shots, so they came back to work and play in the water. Everyone loved the clean water. People once again wanted to live near the harbor. So lots of hotels, apartments and homes where built close to the harbor.

I think there was not just one main benefit from stopping the sludge dumping, there where many big benefits. The benefits were that many animals-birds and fish, seals and dolphins, came back to Boston Harbor. People stopped being scared of getting sick from swallowing polluted water. Fun things that people do on clean water all over the world could be done in Boston. And people started to care about the water in the harbor, and people always treat things better, when they care about them.

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