MWRA 2006-2007 Writing Contest Winners

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2nd Place Winner, Grades 3-5
J.P. Panariello, Grade 4, Cunningham School, Milton

Bringing Natural Order Back to Boston

On December 31, 1991, sludge discharging into Boston Harbor was stopped when MWRA created the sludge-to-fertilizer plant. I think there was one great benefit from this and it involves bringing natural order back to Boston. . .

When the MWRA noticed how much sludge dumping in the Boston Harbor was affecting the environment, they had two choices. They could burn the sludge left over from the wastewater treatment or they could create a machine to recycle the sludge. Personally, I think that they made the right choice because if they burned the organic solids they would be sending chemicals into the air and continue global warming. Instead, they recycled the sludge and turned it into fertilizer and didn't hurt the environment. MWRA went one step further by bringing the earth back to its natural form.

Also, by ending sludge dumping, the MWRA has made the water in Boston Harbor clean again and seals are returning to Boston. This is raising the amount of tourists who visit Boston every year. And the tourists pay money for food and souvenirs and other things while they're here in Boston and some of that money goes to the Massachusetts government. The government uses this money to help the schools and other important causes. So basically, by doing what they did, the MWRA has helped not just the environment, but everyone.

In my opinion, the MWRA should be an example to us. We all need to be aware of the effect that we have on the environment. Pollution and global warming are the result of our actions. We all have obligations, but recently most of us have forgotten them. Our technology is advancing tremendously, but it's tearing our world apart. We need to learn to progress in environmentally friendly ways.

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