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MWRA Writing Contest Winners 2005-2006
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Honorable Mention Winner, Grades 6-8

Steven Marchio, Grade 6
McGlynn Middle School, Medford

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The Amazing Journey of Water

Hi, I'm Steven Marchio. I live in Medford, Massachusetts whose water comes from the Quabbin Reservoir. Our water runs from the Quabbin to the tap, and the water is treated along the way. Let's follow the trip that our water takes, through the MWRA system.

The water that Medford uses comes from the Quabbin Reservoir. The water travels through MWRA'S pipes to be treated along its journey to the Boston area. Water flows through the MWRA'S pipes to our homes and businesses for daily use. The Quabbin Reservoir is located in an area that covers Belchertown, Hardwick, New Salem, Petersham, Shutesbury, and Ware; all located in western Massachusetts.

How is the water treated before it comes to our homes and businesses? The water is treated according to state and federal guidelines to make sure the water is safe for people to drink. These guidelines help to stop the spreading of diseases that may exist in the water of the Quabbin Reservoir. To do this they use chlorine for primary disinfection. They also use ammonia and chlorine for residual disinfection. They used fluoride for healthy teeth, and they also used soda ash and carbon dioxide for corrosion control. After all of this is done, pipes bring the water to our homes and businesses for daily use, and MWRA'S drinking water is adjusted to a pH of 9.

The water takes an amazing journey through aqueducts and pipes to reach our homes. The whole city of Medford, Massachusetts takes their hats off to the MWRA for their spectacular work, by quenching our thirst and keeping us healthy.

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