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MWRA Writing Contest Winners 2005-2006
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Honorable Mention Winner, Grades 3-5

Kali Carvide, Grade 3
Bowie School, Chicopee, MA

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The Water Cycle

This is how H2O gets to my house. First, it starts at the Quabbin Reservoir. The Quabbin Reservoir is filled from rain. The rain comes from the clouds. After that the rain goes back up to the clouds. Then, it makes more water from the rain that had already come down. Second, it moves through the pipes under the ground into the sub main. Third, when it goes to the fire hydrant and when you open it, from the water pressure the water comes straight out like a rocket. Next, it goes to a water tower and from the water in the pipes it goes into your home. So when you turn on the faucet remember these steps:

First, it comes from the Quabbin Reservoir.

Second, it goes to the pump house.

Third, from the pump house through the pipes it goes in the filter.

Then, it goes through the pipes to get to the water tower.

Finally, the H2O goes through more pipes to get to your home.

Last but not least, when you turn on your faucet, water will come out.

So, now that you know the steps to getting H2O from Quabbin Reservoir to your house, you can tell everybody else.

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