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MWRA Writing Contest Winners 2005-2006
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

1st Place Winner, Grades 3-5

Haley Roberts, Grade 5
Abraham Lincoln School
Revere, MA

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“From the Clouds to Your Tap”

Hi! I'm Wendy Water Molecule. I'm at home in the Quabbin Reservoir. My new house is extra big, but it sure is cramped full of other molecules. There must be billions of us here! It sure is different from life up in the clouds.

A couple of weeks ago, my family and I traveled from the sky in a raindrop and landed in a watershed. From there, we flowed into a stream. We thought this was just wonderful until we started bumping into plants, rocks, and soil. When we complained about the bumpy ride, mom said, “At least we're getting nice and clean!” From the stream, we flowed into the reservoir. Mom is so glad we've moved here. She says it's a clean and safe neighborhood filled with lots of “high quality” water molecules.

Do you know what my biggest fear is? I'm afraid of being polluted! Mom says I really don't need to worry about it because we have guards patrolling the neighborhood to be sure we're safe. We're constantly tested to be sure no contaminants have entered the neighborhood.

Right now is an exciting time because we're preparing for our trip through the Metro West Supply Tunnel. Tomorrow is the big day! Before leaving, I will go to the Carroll Water Treatment Plant for a full spa treatment. I want to be sure I am squeaky clean before heading out. First, I'll jump into the Jacuzzi of ozone bubbles to be disinfected. Next, I'll get shampooed with chloramines, so I won't be contaminated in the pipes. Then, I'll get a nice coating of sodium bicarbonate to keep out any metal particles that might be in the pipes. Finally, I'll pick up some fluoride to bring the people I'll meet healthy teeth! With a splish and a splash, I'll be on my way through the Metro West Water Supply Tunnel. Here, a storage tank will be my new home until I am needed in the cities and towns.

I can't wait until the day I travel from the storage tank, through the smaller pipes, and into the community where I'll be released into someone's home. I wonder if I'll come out a faucet, bath, or shower. I hope I don't end up in the toilet! The journey will be long, but I know how important I am to the people I will meet. I might quench thirst, bathe their body, wash their dishes, or cook their food. Without me, no one could survive! After I finish my job in their home, I will once again evaporate into the air, condense into a cloud, fall to earth as rain – repeating my trip through the water cycle again and again.


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