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MWRA Writing Contest Winners 2004-2005
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Honorable Mention Grades 3-5
by Nicole Wu, Grade 5
Galvin Middle School, Wakefield

Mrs. Hogan, teacher
Dr. Paula Mullen, principal

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Cleaner Boston Harbor = Better Environment

There are many good reasons why we should have a cleaner Boston Harbor. I think the greatest benefit of having a cleaner Boston Harbor is having a better environment for the people, plants and animals.

A cleaner Boston Harbor would help the animals in many ways, because animals have homes in and around the harbor. If the animals lived in homes that have litter from people, they could get sick and die. Having animals die from litter can make animals get endangered and extinct. Also, trash and other substances that are dumped into the harbor could kill the animals’ prey, making them starve. Therefore, a cleaner Boston Harbor means a better environment, and that means better homes for the animals.

For plants, different substances in Boston Harbor could kill them. Contaminated water could stop the food-making process in plants, which would stop the plants’ growth. Without plants, we wouldn’t be able to breathe clean and healthy air because plants produce oxygen for us. Just like animals, plants can become endangered and extinct. Plants make our environment look beautiful, too.

Lastly, we should definitely keep the harbor clean for the people. Dirty air from the harbor can be harmful for the people. It can make people sick. Also, cleaning the harbor would give people a better place to bike, fish, walk and so on. These activities would create better and healthier lives. Just another great benefit for having a cleaner Boston Harbor.

These are the reasons why we should have a cleaner Boston Harbor. Keeping it clean would help the people, plants, animals, and the entire environment around them.

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