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MWRA Poster Contest Winners 2004-2005
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Honorable Mention Grades 3-5
by Nick Medeiros, Grade 5
St. Patrick School, Stoneham

Mrs. Ethel Holland, teacher
Mary Shanahan, principal

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MWRA Report

The greatest benefit of a clean Boston Harbor is being able to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

Bostonians want to see fish and wildlife in the harbor, not trash and pollution.

Bostonians want to smell and taste the salty air of the harbor, not the nasty odors of oil and dead fish.

Bostonians want to be proud of the harbor as tourists come to visit, not to be ashamed of the polluted water.

Bostonians want to feel exhilarated as they walk, cycle and picnic along the harbor, not disgusted by the dirty water.

Bostonians want to hear the sea gulls calling as they search for food, not the sound of wildlife as they try to free themselves from plastic can holders.

Bostonians want to know that they have done everything possible to keep their harbor clean, not just sit back, do nothing, and help pollute.

Bostonians want to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation, which is the Boston Harbor.

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