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The Sudbury and Foss Reservoir Watersheds
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


Sudbury/Foss Reservior Watersheds Map
Sudbury/Foss Reservoirs Access Map (DCR)

The Sudbury and Foss (Framingham No. 3) Reservoirs are emergency back-up water supplies for over two million residents of Eastern Massachusetts. The Sudbury Reservoir is located in Southborough and Marlborough and the Foss Reservoir is located in Framingham.

Although not currently in use, the reservoirs are on standby status and could be activated in the event of an emergency.

The lands that drain into both pressrooms (their watersheds) are protected. MWRA and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) work together to protect MWRA's reservoirs and watersheds. MWRA manages and protects the water within the reservoirs, while the DCR manages and protects the surrounding watersheds.

Because this watershed area overlaps residential and business districts, it is critical for residents and visitors to the area to be mindful of watershed protection rules.

Visit the DCR's Office of Watershed Management web site for more information about how you can keep the Sudbury Reservoir Watershed safe. The comprehensive site includes:

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Updated August 28, 2013