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Construction and traffic information from MWRA about the
Southern Spine Distribution Mains Rehabilitation Project

MAY 17, 2012

Final paving will begin on Monday, May 21, 2012. This work will cause lane restrictions, with possible alternating traffic. It may also cause traffic delays and affect parking. For work locations and a more detailed paving schedule, please read the contractor's Paving Notice (PDF).

MAY 4, 2012

Please be advised next week RJV will continue to work on the stretch of Washington Street between Adams and River Streets. The permanent trench repair in the next section is from curbside to curbside and will require a shutdown of the road for the next week. Contractors are still on a Monday through Thursday schedule. They are using concrete as a sub base for the roadway, and as mentioned last week, this requires more set up time and a longer time to cure.

Ciccone Construction will continue sidewalk repair. The brick mason is scheduled to be on site Monday and will begin to complete wheel chair ramps and repair depressions in other brick areas.

Two double pendant lights will be installed on Adams Street within the planter bed island.

We added an additional planter bed for a total of three. Asphalt will be placed in that area as a sub base for the brick.

We have been working closely with the City of Boston and are trying to complete all paving in the area by the Dorchester Day Parade on June 3. Line striping, crosswalks and other punch items will be completed following the parade.

MARCH 21, 2012

MWRA’s contractor is back to complete site restoration work such as repaving and sidewalk repair. The work should be completed by the end of July, 2012.

Planned site restoration schedule as of March 21, 2012 (PDF)


Road Closure Notice - Washington Street from Dorchester Avenue/Adams Street to River Street in Dorchester will closed at 7AM on Tuesday, September 6, 2011. It will reopen in the afternoon or early evening of Thursday, September 8. The road closure is necessary to allow contractors to perform installation of pipes, interconnections and valves. It is likely that a similar road closure will occur again, during the week of September 12. We will keep you updated on the potential road closure as work progresses.

Project Update - Pipe installation along Washington Street progressed well this week. The contractor encountered less ledge and rock than expected. The contractor will need to revisit the site at Dunkin Donuts to reassemble and hand-finish the pipe with concrete. Similar work will also take place at Richmond and Washington Street. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.


map - of impacted areas Southern Spine, MWRA

Larger Image

Map updated 03/31/11

Southern Spine - Lower Mills
Southern Spine Project Main Page

JULY 25, 2011

Road Closure Notice - A portion of Washington Street, Dorchester, will be closed Monday mornings through late Thursday evenings from August 1 to the end of September, 2011.

The affected area, marked on the map in blue, runs between the intersection of Washington Street and River Street and the intersection of Washington Street, Adams Street and Dorchester Avenue. Only this section of Washington Street will be closed; the rest of the street and its surrounding roads will remain open as usual.

The road closure is necessary as MWRA and its contractor, RJV, continue work on the Southern Spine Distribution Mains project. The MWRA apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

JUNE 24, 2011

The additional work performed this morning was completed just before 9:30am.
The welding within the pipeline has been completed from Washington/Richmond Street to Adams Street and Medway.  Welding will continue from Washington/Richmond Street to Morton Street.  This is a very small section of pipe that remains to be welded.
As mentioned yesterday the cement mortar lining has begun and will continue into next week. Next week they plan on lining from Washington/River Street to Medway.  This will involve opening up the pit locations at Washington/River Street, Dunkin Donuts, and Adams Street/Medway.  This work should be complete by the end of next week.
The work on Adams Street heading in the direction of Dorchester Avenue has begun.  The island has been removed and the 48” pipe installation has begun.  Approximately 70 feet of pipe has been installed to date.  Next week RJV Construction Corporation hopes to increase production and install approximately 120 feet. The contractor has been able to maintain two way traffic throughout their work thus far.
Next week will be a busy week within the Dorchester Lower Mills area.  
Things seem to be going well.  Let’s hope it continues.  
Again thanks to all for your cooperation.

JUNE 3, 2011

The entire length of the pipe from Morton Street to Adams Street and Medway was inspected and determined to be clean. The welding contractor has been on site and has been welding the joints and other small spots along the pipeline.  The welding portion of the project is moving along and will continue for the next few weeks. On Monday June 6, the contractor will begin to work on Adams Street just opposite the entrance/exit to the Baker Chocolate condominiums just on the Boston side of the bridge.  At this time two-way traffic will be maintained.  Residents of Baker Chocolate that are exiting will be able to head into Boston or Milton.  At this location the work involved will be for a period of approximately two weeks.
 Once this is complete we begin to proceed up Adams Street toward Washington Street and Dorchester Avenue.  This work involves the removal of the median brick island area and the open cut portion of the construction project.

MAY 20, 2011

Despite the weather, the contractor was able to work Monday through Thursday and maintain the project schedule. As mentioned last week the cleaning and lining contractor started work and this week they were onsite again. They worked all week and were able to clean the pipeline from Morton Street all the way to Adams Street/Medway.  The cleaning process basically scrapes down the interior of the pipe to create a clean, smooth surface. On Monday our consultant will access the pipe for inspection. If the pipe is determined to be clean then the welding contractor will continue the repair, and pipe joint work within the pipe. This work will continue at all access pit locations throughout the week.

MAY 13, 2011

Next week you will find construction activity near access pits.

This past week we began the process of cleaning the pipeline in preparation for the concrete lining.  The cleaning began at the access pit located on Morton and Sanford Streets.  That cleaning process moves to the Washington and Richmond Streets location,  advances to Washingto and River Streets, then to the pit at Dunkin Donuts and finally at the Adams Street and Medway location. Welding began this past week and will continue for the following weeks within the pipeline. Next week’s  forecast  looks a bit wet.  If the Monday through Thursday work schedule is interrupted by rain the contractor may elect to work on the Friday of that week to make up for the loss of time and maintain our construction schedule. The MWRA would like to once again thank Mr. Jeb Dolan, Dolans Funeral Home, for his continued generosity with regard to the use of his parking area.


MAY 6, 2011

The access pits at the following locations have been built:

  • Morton Street at Sanford Street
  • Washington Street at Richmond Street
  • Adams Street at Medway

The access pit on Washington Street at River should be completed by Monday, May 9.

The access pit at Dunkin Donuts was started on Thursday May 5 and should be complete by Thursday, May 12.

Please keep in mind the access pits are built to provide access for construction personnel to enter the pipe to perform various construction activities.  These areas will be active for the next month to allow the contractor to clean the pipeline, weld weak areas of the pipe and joints, and finally line the interior of the pipe with concrete.  Both cleaning and welding within these areas will begin next week.

Traffic seems to be moving within the Lower Mills area. Some of the locations of the access pits are difficult and the Boston police details are trying very hard to keep traffic moving in a reasonable manner.    

The MWRA is making up sandwich boards for a couple of businesses within the Washington Street construction zone to inform customers of short term temporary parking availability at locations previously mentioned.  They should be available within the next week or two.


April 28, 2011: LOWER MILLS, DORCHESTER (BOSTON) -- Please be advised the MWRA’s contractor RJV has nearly completed the access pit on Washington Street at Richmond Street.  The area will now be plated until the cleaning and lining construction work begins.
On Monday May 2, 2011 the contractor will move up to begin constructing the next access pit location on Washington Street at River Street.    When work at this location is complete the contractor will move to the Adams Street/ Dorchester Avenue location.  
All vehicular and pedestrian traffic will be assisted by Boston Police details.
Please note that all of the projections included with this update are very much weather dependent and therefore are subject to modification.


April 21, 2011: LOWER MILLS, DORCHESTER (BOSTON) -- Short Term Parking: Shaws and CVS will allow short term parking for customers of Lower Mills shopping area.  Mr. Dolan from Dolans Funeral Home has also offered short term parking during times when it will not interfere with wakes or funerals.
Shaws will allow short term parking in the below-ground garage and CVS will allow parking within the side/back lot. The MWRA and its contractor will make up signs indicating these areas are available for short term parking during construction hours.
The MWRA would like to thank Shaws, CVS, and Dolans for allowing parking during these times.


April 8, 2011: LOWER MILLS, DORCHESTER (BOSTON) -- Phase 1 work, marked in YELLOW, will take place on Washington Street between River Street and Morton Street. Work will involve the cleaning and lining of a water pipe. Three access pits and a ventilation pit will be built to allow personnel access to clean and line the pipe.


March 31, 2011: LOWER MILLS, DORCHESTER (BOSTON ) -- From April 18 through the end of May, 2011, MWRA construction will impact the areas of Washington Street marked on the map in YELLOW. This work phase includes 3 access pits along Washington Street between Morton Street and River Street.


Page updated May 17, 2012 3:14 PM