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Information for Travellers and Abutters of
River Road, Weston, Massachusetts

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


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River Road Work Zone Map
River Road Weston

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Project Map

map of project

Hultman Project Map
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Links to EEA release PDF Links to EEA release PDF

MWRA is scheduled to replace valves and pipes within a section of River Road in Weston as part of the Hultman Aqueduct Interconnections Project.

The work will require the construction of a temporary roadway. Traffic will not be detoured to local streets. Police details will be assigned to the site to safely move traffic around the work.

River Road pipe and valve work will occur in four stages:

  1. June-September, 2012:
    Construction of temporary by-pass road on the eastbound side of River Road in Weston for about 180 feet. The new road will be adjacent to the existing roadway on MWRA/DCR land. Some trees along River Road will need to be removed, however, upon completion of the work (in Spring 2013, the temporary roadway will be removed and the area reseeded and replanted). A temporary roadway is required to maintain two lanes of traffic along River Road during construction.

  2. August-September 2012:
    Once the temporary roadway is in place, traffic will be directed to the new roadway, allowing the Contractor, Barletta Heavy Division (BHD), to remove concrete encasing the pipes and valves under River Road. Message boards and temporary signage will be in place in advance of the work. During this valve and pipe work police
    details will be present. BHD crews plan to work from 6:30am - 5:30pm.

  3. October 2012-March 2013:
    Replacing pipes and valves in River Road. These pipes and valves date from 1925 and need to be replaced. These water pipes serve approximately 200,000 people, including the City of Waltham.
    The valve and pipe replacement work must be
    scheduled when MWRA water demand is lowest,
    hence the fall/winter pipe and valve replacement

  4. March 2013-May2013:
    Removing temporary roadway, repaving River Road, landscape
    restoration on state land east of River Road.

For more information on this project please contact Tom Lindberg,
(617) 660-7974.


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Posted June 7, 2012