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Updated May 27, 2016
Posted February 25, 2016


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Town of Winchester Will Temporarily Use of MWRA Water
March - June 2016

Update 05/27/16:

Project Complete, Town will End Temporary Supply of Water From MWRA

The Town of Winchester has completed its reservoir construction project this week. Upon completion, the Town will be ending the temporary supply of water from Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA) and will return to the Town of Winchester’s water supply. Similar to the initial change to MWRA water in March, you may notice some changes in appearance to the water during the transition back to Winchester water.

Because Winchester uses chlorine for disinfection, residents may notice a slight odor of chlorine during the transition. Residents with aquariums should be prepared to adjust the water for presence of chlorine before it enters the tank. Because it may require extra steps or augmentation to the filters, residents are encouraged to contact their local pet supply/aquarium store for guidance.

For questions concerning water quality including taste, odor, and color concerns, please call the Town of Winchester Water & Sewer Department at 781-721-7109. Thank you.

Update 05/11/16:

Winchester has been fully supplied with MWRA drinking water since March 3, 2016. Due to unexpected delays in the DEP-required project, it is estimated that the Town will continue to take MWRA water into the first or second week in June. We will post updates on this page as needed.

The Town of Winchester’s middle-low system will be switching over to Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA) water supply during a reservoir construction project from March 2 through May 15, 2016. The drawdown gate is required by DEP and allows Winchester to lower the level of their reservoir if necessary.

The chemistry of the water supplied by the MWRA differs from that supplied by the Town of Winchester. The two main differences are:

MWRA uses chloramines – a mild and long-lasting disinfectant combining chlorine and ammonia (Winchester uses free chlorine).

MWRA water has a higher pH – around 9 to 9.5. 

For more information, please read the Town of Winchester Water and Sewer Department Notice.

If you have any questions, please call the MWRA:

Joshua Das, 617-788-4822
Stephen Estes-Smargiassi, 617-788-4303

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Updated May 27, 2016