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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
Updated September 22, 2015

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(617) 788-1105,

Visit MWRA's Free Drinking Water Fountain at Events this Spring Through Fall

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Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker tries MWRA's new portable water fountain at "The Biggest Fun Ever" event on August 21, 2015

Governor Charlie Baker tries MWRA's new fountain at
The Biggest Fun Ever

August 21, 2015

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Our next fountain event will be the Berklee College of Music BeanTown Jazz Festival on September 26, Columbus Ave., Boston.

New events will be posted on this page all season long.

Keep an eye out for MWRA's roving water fountain this summer and fall. The fountain provides free chilled drinking water to public event-goers in Boston and other MWRA service communities.

Just bring your own bottle or cup and fill it at the fountain for free, or try drinking from one of the old-fashioned bubblers.

Either way, the water is fresh, local and safe, and you don't have to spend extra money on bottled water or worry about throwing away an empty container.

MWRA's water comes from the pristine and protected Quabbin and Wachusett Reservoirs in Central Massachusetts. It is treated according to strict state and federal standards and tested every step of the way to your tap.


If you are planning a public event within the MWRA service area and would like to book our free fountain, please email or call Joshua Das, MWRA (617) 788-4822.
Where to Find MWRA's Free Drinking Water Fountain - Updated September 14, 2015
(schedule and locations are subject to change)
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MWRA Free drinking water fountain at July 4th Fireworks Spectacular 2013
September 26 Berklee College of Music BeanTown Jazz Festival Columbus Avenue, South End, Boston
October 24-25 Boston Vegetarian Food Festival Reggie Lewis Athletic Center, Roxbury
We'll keep adding events all season long, so please check back later!
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Updated September 22, 2015
Posted June 22, 2015